5 changes you need to make to make your co-working space kid-friendly

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5 changes you need to make to make your co-working space kid-friendly

5 changes you need to make to make your co-working space kid-friendly
These days, so many moms work from home. This challenges them to be professional while still taking care of the kids.

Therefore, going to a co-working space that is "kid-friendly" becomes the best solution for many such moms. If your place is not yet adapted to accommodate mothers with children, we can give you some tips that will be great for growing your business.

In addition to having great equipment and a quality Internet connection, there are some other things that are sure to be taken into consideration. 

1. Location for each

The first step is to make sure that the entire space is user-friendly for both adults and young visitors. You should have isolated meeting rooms that are not reached by noise from other rooms.

You also need special rooms for children of different ages: toddlers (0 to 3 years), preschoolers (3 to 5 years) and children who are already in school (over 6 years).

Some of the elements that are desirable to have:
  • Toddler Zone. It is desirable to have a small table corresponding to their height, and similar small chairs. Various toys and balls, mats on which they can sit and play.
  • An area for preschoolers and schoolchildren. They also need larger chairs and tables, and shelves on which they can leave their personal belongings (backpack, clothes, box of food). Most often visitors bring their own stationery for their children, but it is still better to have a set of pencils, erasers, papers, and other supplies. Consider buying glue, colored paper, brushes, and paints. This will keep your children much more occupied and create a comfortable place for them to learn and have fun.
  • You probably won't need to think about teenagers because they can already share a common space with adults, or use some device of their own for fun. Most of them will probably just stay home. However, if you have enough space and you have the extra options and budget, try out a room with ping pong, foosball or video games. Even if there aren't many teenagers, the adults themselves will be happy to drop into such a room once in a while.
  • As for very young children under the age of one, it is unlikely that mothers will want to take them with them. If you have no possibility to provide good conditions for such small children, you can write in the rules that only children who can walk are allowed to enter. This is common in hotels or various children's clubs and sports sections.

2. Trained staff

Every area with children should have some kind of person to watch over the little ones. The recommendation is that there should be at least one babysitter for every five children.  The person you choose should be well qualified, reliable, and trained to work with children of different ages.

A great option would be to offer classes that do not require you to spend a large budget. Yoga, dancing, singing - for all of this you do not need a huge space and many thousands of dollars.

3. Healthy Food

More often than not, adults can get by with a regular cup of coffee and a bun, but kids need healthier foods and drinks. Your menu should include a variety of interesting options: fruit, sandwiches, fresh water, salads, etc. Try to make the menu interesting. If you have the opportunity, let it vary. That way you will achieve variety.

4. Safety is the most important thing

The key to success in such a co-working space will be the parents' confidence that their children are doing something useful, happy and safe. In this way, parents can fully concentrate on their work. 

You have to make sure that the children's areas have strict access control, and that no unauthorized people can get into them. Install surveillance cameras that would be linked to an app on the parents' phone so that they can always see their children.

Depending on what state you're in, you'll probably need a license, health insurance in case of accidents.

And, of course, you need to maintain an excellent level of cleanliness and comply with all the sanitary standards set by your state's authorities.

5. Price adjustments and special services

Working with a single person is not the same as taking in a mother or father with children. From a business perspective, you need to develop a certain scheme and strategy that will allow you to set affordable and fair prices that will still guarantee you a consistent profit.

You can put together special packages that have several options: an adult and a child, or for example two children and one adult. Payments can be by the day, once a month or once a week. Let it be adapted according to the different needs of people.

To summarize, you should focus on meeting the different needs of families so that you have a return. Also, don't forget to constantly listen to feedback from your customers to improve your service and attract new parents. Remember that the safety and happiness of children is of the utmost importance, and many people are willing to give good money to get peace of mind and a chance to work while their child is happy and nearby.

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